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Welcome to our secure on-line Patient Portal.  Visit the Patient Portal to complete registration forms.

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Initial Consultation

Your initial visit may last up to three hours and any subsequent visits up to two hours. We provide same–day retina consultative, diagnostic and therapeutic services.

Both eyes will be dilated in order to evaluate the retina.

Your experience on your initial visit is outlined below (individual variation may occur):

  • Sunglasses and someone to drive you home are ideal. 
  • Registration and completion of the Patient Information form, Medical Questionnaire form and the HIPAA Patient Consent Form. 
  • A retina technician will disseminate initial education material, collect medical information, begin the retina examination and dilate both eyes. 
  • Your retina specialist will begin the examination when your eyes are fully dilated. Full dilation takes approximately 40 minutes. 
  • Diagnostic fluorescein angiography and echography will be preformed as directed by your retina specialist. 
  • The results of the diagnostic tests will be reviewed with you and your retina specialist. 
  • Therapeutic procedures (laser, cryotherapy, pneumatic, and retinopexy) will be preformed by your retina specialist after a full discussion of the risks, benefits and alternatives. 
  • A Retina Visit Summary will be completed by your retina specialist and reviewed with you. 
  • Administrative staff will schedule return visits, complete administrative tasks and assemble patient brochure and educational materials.

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